Booking Conditions


When you make a booking, the following conditions apply. We have more general guidance available on how to book.


1. ProVacation is a trading name of Gomseng Ventures Private Limited (Registration number 018334).

The contract

2. When you complete our booking form you are entering a contract made with Gomseng Ventures Private Limited, whose registered address is H-5, Suryalay, Super Market, Dispur, Guwahati, Assam, India. This means that you agree to accept all the conditions of booking. Our written confirmation of your booking means that we agree to operate your holiday as stated in the brochure. The contract is governed by law promulgated by the constitution of India and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in India.


3. Bookings must be accompanied by a booking form (online or paper, in which case it must be signed) and a deposit. Once the booking has been confirmed, the deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances, unless we have to cancel the holiday due to low numbers of clients or other unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right to decline to accept a booking at our own discretion.


4. The balance must be paid at least 12 weeks before the starting date. Late bookings can be accepted within this time if the full payment is made on booking.

Your invoice will state when the balance is payable in any case. Should the balance fail to reach us by the date specified on your invoice, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without refund.

5. You may cancel your booking at any stage. Cancellations must be made in writing, and will be deemed to be made on the date on which we receive the written cancellation. All tour deposit and interim payments you have made to us will be retained by us. In the event of cancelling after the full balance is due, the following cancellation charges will apply if the cancellation is received:

Days before departure
Cancellation charge
84 to 43 days
50% of the total invoice cost
42 to 29 days
75% of the total invoice cost
28 days or fewer
100% of the total invoice cost





To protect yourself, please ensure that you take out travel insurance to cover this as early as possible.

6. Our stated minimum number of clients per group is six, but we often run tours with fewer than this number. Please note, however, that we cannot accept cancellations without loss of deposits simply because the tour is running with fewer clients than expected. The operation of all tours is subject to minimum numbers being achieved at least 70 days prior to departure. If a tour is under-booked at that time, we may defer cancellation, but we will inform you if the tour is running or not no later than 6 weeks prior to departure. Under certain circumstances (eg: a couple wishing to join a tour when only one space remains), we may exceed our stated maximum numbers by one. Please note that leaders may have to be substituted on occasion.

7. If circumstances force you to leave a tour early or follow a separate itinerary, you will have to bear any extra costs involved, although these may be covered by your travel insurance.

Tour alteration

8.If we are forced to cancel a holiday for any reason, we will refund the full amount you have paid us for that holiday.

9. The tour descriptions and itineraries in the brochure and this website are meant only as a guide. Please note that our itineraries do not constitute contracts and we reserve the right to change them at any time for emergency, logistical or other reasons so long as these alterations are in keeping with the nature of the tour. The final decision for any change rests with our office or our experienced tour leader(s) who are often best placed to assess the situation ‘on the ground’. We also reserve the right to substitute the leader(s) if necessary. We will not be held liable for any loss whatsoever caused as a result of any delay or alteration.

10. We reserve the right to change any of the prices in this brochure or on our website at any time before we enter into a contract with you. We will notify you before we enter into such a contract.

11. Special requests must be advised to us prior to departure and preferably at time of booking. We will advise the relevant suppliers of your requirements but cannot guarantee that such requests will be met. Furthermore, we have no liability if such requests are not met.


12. The prices of our holidays are calculated well in advance, and unexpected cost increases sometimes occur. Rather than cancel the holiday, or not accept a booking, we may have to levy a surcharge on the holiday price on the following items: governmental action, currency fluctuations, fuel, overflying charges, airport charges, increases in scheduled air fares and increases in transfer and other transport costs at the holiday destination. Even in this case, we will absorb an amount up to the first 2% of the holiday price (excluding insurance premium and any amendment charges). No surcharge will be imposed less than 30 days prior to departure and only amounts in excess of this 2% will be surcharged. If any surcharge is greater than 10% of the cost of your holiday (excluding any insurance premiums and amendment charges), you will be entitled to cancel your booking with a full refund, but you must exercise your right to do so within 14 days of the surcharge invoice date.

Please note

13. Clients must observe any instructions given by our leaders as regards logistics, safety and conservation. Failure to do this could lead to dismissal from the group, as could any behaviour that, in the opinion of the leader, is severely detrimental to the safety, welfare and enjoyment of other members of the group.

14. In the event of our declining to retain a client during a holiday, full refund of the unused portion of the holiday will be paid to this client. However, the client must bear any extra expenses involved in returning home under these circumstances.

15. We regret that no pets may be brought.

16. We ask clients not to smoke in any vehicle we use, when in close company with other members of the group, or anywhere where there may be a fire risk.

17. We reserve the right to take photographs during the operation of our tours, and to use the resulting images for promotional purposes.

18. By booking with us, tour members agree to allow their image to be used in this way; clients who prefer that their image should not be used must inform us prior to the tour.

Single rooms

19. We will always try to accommodate clients who request single rooms, but this is not always possible, and clients may be asked to share for all or part of the holiday. In this case we will of course not charge the single room supplement for the portion of the holiday where the room is shared. We will also try to accommodate clients travelling on their own but wishing to share, but if there is no other single person on the tour willing also to share we will have to charge the single room supplement.

Responsibilities and liability

20. We will accept responsibility should the services we are contractually obliged to provide prove deficient or not of reasonable standard. We will also accept responsibility for loss or damage due to the proven negligent acts or omissions of our employees or our sub- contractors, agents or suppliers or their servants and/or agents.

21. We will accept liability in respect of death, bodily injury or illness resulting from our proven negligence or that of our employees or our sub-contractors or agents or suppliers or their servants and/or agents provided they were acting within the scope of their employment at the time.

22. Claims in respect of the matters referred to in paragraphs 20 & 21 shall (in respect of both liability and quantum) fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of India.

23. We shall be entitled to limit our liability in relation to claims within paragraphs 19 & 20 in the manner provided by any international convention applying to any air, sea or land carriage.

24. Where we have complied with our responsibilities set out in paragraphs 19 & 20 we will accept no liability in respect of death or physical injury unless resulting from proven negligence; loss or damage to goods; loss, damage, or delay or misdirection of your luggage or effects; claims arising out of carriage by air or sea, the liability being limited in accordance with the International Convention subject to which such carriage is performed.

25. We will accept no liability in respect of losses or additional expenses incurred as a result of transport delays, sickness, weather, war or other political crises, strikes, acts of God or other events which amount to force majeure. All such losses or additional expenses will be borne by the client.

Disabilities and medical conditions

26. Many, but not all, of our holidays may not be suitable for people with certain disabilities and medical conditions. Please ask us if in any doubt. In any case, if any client suffers from any disability or medical condition which may affect the running of the holiday, they must provide us with full details at the time of booking. We reserve the right to cancel a booking and impose the appropriate cancellation charges if such details are not provided. We further reserve the right to decline any booking whenever we feel unable to accommodate the particular needs of a particular client on that trip.

Your safety, travel advice and insurance

27. Risks to your safety and security are an unavoidable aspect of all travel. It is important that you are well-informed about health risks and issues in your chosen destination before making your booking. Clients are strongly recommended to refer to the Government advice web site for detailed advice before booking .

28. We believe that safety and enjoyment are equally important when travelling with ProVacation. It is therefore one of our terms and conditions of booking that you have adequate travel insurance in place before you travel with us. This travel insurance policy must include a minimum cover adequate for medical and repatriation expenses. 


29. Please notify your tour leader of any complaint as soon as possible in order that we may assist you. If the complaint is not dealt with to your satisfaction there and then, the nature of the complaint should be stated, in writing, as soon as possible within 28 days of the completion of the holiday. We will not be under any liability in respect of claims of which we are not notified in writing within 28 days of the date scheduled for your return.